This weekend we're bringing you a Georgian feast. Being a cross roads for East-West trade over centuries, Georgian cuisine incorporates a wealth of  flavors and influences from the foods of Iran, Asia, Turkey, and the Mediterranean as well as it's big neighbour Russia.
Just follow our simple heating instructions to enjoy this delicious Georgian feast!
Available Friday 7th/ Saturday 8th May.
Lobio (VG) - A thick bean soup, densely flavored with onions, herbs and spices

Shkmeruli - A favourite in Georgian restaurants, chicken is first panfried then
 poached in garlic and milk, which is then used to make the sauce.

Ajapsandali (VG) A fresh, lightly stewed dish with aubergines, tomato, red peppers and a big handful of fresh herbs

SIDES: (both VG)
Soko - Mushrooms cooked with chilli, mint and tarogan
Beet Pkhali - A  beetroot and spinach dish, finely chopped with garlic and walnuts

Pelamushi - A set grape pudding, with walnuts and pomegranate

£15 for 2 courses, £17 with the dessert.

Georgian Special